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विवाह पञ्चमी – Bivah Panchami

Background Lord Janak, his daughter Sita, and their ancient Kingdom of Mithila, were all right here, within these borders, in the Tarai district of Dhanusa (Sanskrit for “bow”). The scene described above, happened in the uniquely constructed, mesmerizing temple, known… Continue Reading →

Bhoto Dekhauney Jatra

Bhoto Jatra or Bhoto Dekhaauney Jatra is a Festival that is celebrated in Patan, while paying homage to the God of Rain , “Raato Machindranath”. The festival of Raato Machindranath is a month long festival while Bhoto dekhaauney Jatra happens in… Continue Reading →

A festival to search for jewelry – टुँडालदेवी जात्रा – गहना खोज्ने जात्रा

The temple of Tudal Devi is located in Baluwatar, Kathmandu. The goddess is more commonly known as Vaisnavi Devi, the consort of Vishnu, and the origin of the name Tudal Devi is unknown. The temple was established during the Lichchhavi… Continue Reading →

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