chaitey dashainChaitra Dashain is almost the last festival of the year according to Nepali Bikram Samvat calendar. After this festival, Nepali have a new year ahead within few days. This festival Chaitra Dashain has two days of celebration. The first day of Chaitra Dashain festival is called Ram Navami (The birthday of Lord Rama) and the second day is Chaite Dashami. Chaitra Dashain is called Chaitra Navaratri in some part of Nepal and India. This festival Chaitra Dashain has same days of significance as the 10 days of Bijaya Dashami of Ashoj-Kartik even though it is publicly celebrated for two days and named after the month during which it is celebrated. The first day is a celebration of Lord Ram. The day is called Ram Navami. And the second day is called Dashami. It is also called Chaitra Dashami. This festival is also celebrated for the victory of truth over evil, same like that of Bada Dashain.

Chaitra Dashain is actually the original day of the grand Dashain festival, but because people got their stomachs upset after feasting the delicious spicy food during this season so the grand celebration was shifted to a cooler season. But the religious zeal is still evident in the celebrations of the day. According to the Hindu mythology, Goddess Durga came to help Lord Ram (the incarnation of Bishnu), to kill his enemy Ravan who had kidnapped Ram’s wife Sita. Raven was a powerful-headed demon King of Srilanka. It is said that the goddess Durga helped Lord Ram to get the victory against the demon. It is believed that On the ninth day of Nepali month Chaitra, Ram was successful in killing Ravan so the day is celebrated as Ram Navami.From the day of Chaitra Dashain, there is a commencement of the Rath (Chariot) festival mainly in Kathmandu valley.In the chariot festival, God SetoMachhindranath, the lord of compassion is worshipped.