Also on the first day of Gunla in Lalitpur, the sacred early morning rally “Baghi” begins usually from 1:30 in the morning for 4 days. The 4 stupas surrounding Lalitpur namely Lagankhya Thur in Lagankhel, Pucha Thur in Pulchowk, Bagmati Thur in Banglamukhi and Teta Thur in Gwarko are visited turn by turn in 4 days. The rally is accompained by 4 types of musical bands namely Dha, Khin, Damokhin & Dhime Baja in a row. Each stupa is visited in a day thereby going to sub-stupas and temples visiting a lots of Mahabihars and Bahals (chwoks or sacred courtyards). Devotees offer different types of offerings including chocolates, coins, camphor, etc while going around the walk. About 400 – 500 participants participate in this holy walk out of which some are the family and relatives of recent descendants.