luti ajima 01_ NKathmandu is a city of culture and ancient traditions, one of them being the jatra of Indrayeni commonly known as Luti Ajima Jatra. Indrayeni is one of the Astamatrika’s (8 mother goddesses) and is worshiped during this jatra along with Showa Bhagwati, Chetrapati Ganesh, Bhari Ganesh, Jwala Mai and others.

The Asta Matrika’s are centered around “Pita’s” (crematory sites) each at a strategic part at the border of each city. These Matrika’s are not kept in a open air sites but in temples covered with stone. They are taken care of by the sweeper clan of the city which live in the outskirts of the old wall of Kathmandu. During the night of Bala Chaturti, matrika’s enter the city, but not the central core, they rid the streets of evil and make sure that the people are safe and happy.

On the night before Bala Chaturti the statues are taken from the Teuda Devi Ghar and are placed in chariots and are taken to the Ajima Mandir where Tantric rituals are commenced with offerings of 32 types of grains, “hoam” (fire ritual) and various other offerings. After the rituals the chariots are taken Thahity and placed there till the morning.

Luti ajima_ NThe locals flock the streets at first light with prayers and offerings. The atmosphere is filled with the aroma of various incents and people celebrate the coming of Godesses to there local with beautiful Nayaki Dhemu tunes. In the evening the chariots are taken around the inner locals of the city and then the procession comes to an end at the Devi Ghar at Teuda.